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Why can I not relax anymore?

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Humans are made to handle a good dose of stress. Our entire system is made for this. If something stressful happens, your body goes into a certain mode: The flight and fight system switches on automatically. This is called the sympathetic system. A lot of things happen in your body when you’re in the sympathetic mode. Your heart rate goes up, a large part of your blood and oxygen goes from your brain to the rest of your body, your senses go into power mode… and much more. All these processes switch on so you can move away from the perceived danger. Your body also provides adrenaline and cortisol, which means that you can run even faster (or fight better of course). And when the danger has passed, the relaxation system switches back on (This is called the parasympathetic system).

It’s super nice that our body works so well for us. But why can’t I go back to relaxing mode anymore?

Real or imagined danger

Our body is controlled by our subconscious mind. Our subconscious isn’t a rational system and doesn’t know how to distinguish between real danger and imagined danger. Real stress or imagined stress. He reacts in the same way. And this is important to know. Because if you are worried about your finances, about your friend who has problems, about your relationship, work, or whatever, this is picked up by your subconscious as stress. And immediately your body gets to work for you. Cortisol is produced, heart rate goes up… etc.

Many people spend most of the day in stress mode, without even being aware of it. In addition, we are also regularly triggered in life by our subconscious mind over past events. All this combined, the system doesn’t ever get a signal to relax. And your body remains constantly in tension.

Vicious circle

Besides being stressed, it also causes numerous health problems. Sleeping becomes more difficult because your body has to stay ready to run away. Libido deteriorates because this is not a priority when you have to flee. Digestion is paused. It is also no longer possible to think ‘normally’, because you simply cannot use your entire brain capacity. That’s why we sometimes have those errors in our brain, where can’t think of the right words or you say very strange things you would never say normally. Which in turn causes more stress.

Create a signal

When you live under constant stress, the body can no longer relax on its own. It’s, therefore, necessary to give a signal to the subconscious that the ‘danger’ has passed. You will have to consciously work to create this signal. Walking through the forest can help with that, especially if you focus on peace and beautiful nature. Breathing exercises, meditating, or visualizing are also good ways.

In addition, PSYCH-K is a good way to release subconscious stress. With this method you can process triggers and trauma, giving a much-needed signal to your subconscious so the relaxation system can be switched on.

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