What is self sabotage?

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The moment you want to change something in your life, you automatically try this with your willpower and perseverance first. If this change is hard work or becomes a struggle, that’s a sign that you’re sabotaging yourself.

Since willpower and perseverance are functions of the conscious mind (5% of your brain) and not the subconscious (95%), your willpower quickly loses out. When your subconscious is not informed of the desired changes, he will do everything to bring you back to normal. Back to the path of habit. Your subconscious mind will tell you in all kinds of ways to go back to what he was used to. “Ah, one cookie is okay” is a typical case of sabotage. The well-known yo-yo effect too. “I’ll start on Monday” is another such example. Or “never mind, this is far too difficult”. These are all forms of self-sabotage because it’s your own system that tells you this. Part of you.

The function of the subconscious: survival

The subconscious is made to protect you and ensure that you survive. So if you want to change something in your life, even if it is positive for you, the subconscious will often work against you when you want to make these changes. Not to bully you, but because he is just not aware that this is good / healthy / nice / positive for you. It only functions on existing programming. And just like a computer, it can only execute existing commands. If you try something new, you get an error.

Everything is stored in your subconscious

Everything you have experienced is directly stored in your subconscious mind. This is important to know because it has an effect on your actions. As an example; a client came to me because she wanted to be promoted within the company. But every time she got closer to a promotion, she made a mistake, which caused the promotion to pass her by. Very frustrating, because she wanted it so badly and she didn’t understand why this would happen!

It turned out that she had to give a lot of presentations for the new position. After some further investigation about the subject of presentations, it turned out that in the second grade she had given a presentation about her rabbit. But she got nervous and twisted her tongue, which make her turn red and everyone started laughing at her. She was so embarrassed.

As an adult, she didn’t understand what was going on, but the hurt child within her (stored in her subconscious) was still very much present. That part was sabotaging her and wanted to prevent a repetition of that event at all costs. A few months after the session, I received a message that she had received the promotion.

Limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs work the same. They are assumptions with a big emotional load you have gained in your younger life and they become the blueprint of your life. Examples are: I am not good enough, I always make a mess, I have to be strong, love does not exist, I am not allowed to make mistakes, money is the root of all evil, good men/women do not exist,… etc.

The moment you try to be happy while your subconscious believes that you don’t deserve it, he will sabotage you and make sure that you do not become happy.

The moment you start working with your subconscious to transform these limiting beliefs and self-sabotage, life becomes a lot easier and more pleasant.

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